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1. You can book our service to only our available places and by using our website www.HappyTour.in
2. Place can be booked from the available date.
3. Same date booking not allowed.
4. Check all Utensils, Accessories and Order Products before use and match it. Any mismatch, inform us or inform our executive.
5. You have to pay the cost of the products, in case of any misuse or damage of our Utensils and Accessories.
6. User can cancel an Order before 1 Days. You may not get full refund.
7. Company keeps the right to cancel an Order, in case of any emergency such as Natural Calamity, Strike or anything which will be informed by mail, sms and phone. Also, a part of your payment will be deducted of Order Value and rest amount will be returned to user.
8. In case of Cancellation, no deduction on Shopping Cart Items.
9. Our Place Executive Contact Number will be given after successfully placing order.
10. You have to behave properly with our executive and you have to treat them respectfully.
11. You have to provide foods to our Executive.
12. Also you are agreeing that you willn't create any disturbance for our executive, for other visitors and with place officials.
13. Always respect and obey the law & rule of the place and keep the place clean and hygiene.
14. Always keep your Identity with you.
15. You vehicle should have all original documents and driver should have driving license.
16. You have to pay your Parking Fees as required and all other necessary tickets will be booked by us and given you in advance.
17. You don't have pay any other fees to us. But you may have to some optional fees to explore something more at the place.
18. Always keeps your luggage in our luggage bag and lock it.
19. Behave respectfully with our Cook, co-cook if you have ordered them. You can't misbehave with our Cook & Co-cook in case they made any mistake to cook your item. If Company feels, it can return Cook fees to you.
20. If you have selected cook but not selected co-cook, provide necessary support to cook. Also, you have to provide them Foods.
21. You can take all excess or unused products. Also, if possible make a deal with executive for the reselling value of excess products.
22. Don't give wine or tobacco products to our executive, cook, co-cook.
23. Don't pay any additional fees to our executive or cook or co-cook for our promised product and services but if you need something other than our promise, you have to make your own deal and company will not be responsible.
24. You have to pay full amount in advance to confirm an order. Amount is inclusive of Taxes, Cess and Transaction Fees.
25. Any Dispute, subject to court of law. Any disputes at the Tourism Place, you can contact to local policy and we will not interfere with case proceeding but we will provide all help as per demand.


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