FAQS !!!

1. What is HappyTour.in ?
- HappyTour is a Service Provider Company provides services to Picnic Lovers.
- As we know, it requires huge efforts to plan, arrange products & accessories and successfully arrange a picnic.
- With HappyTour.in, you just let us know your spot and if our services available for this place then you just sit on your vehicle to reach the picnic spot and let us arrange all other things for a successful picnic.
- We provide everything for a picnic such as Utensils, Accessories, Water, Wood, Gas, Plate, Dona, Glass, Person to clean spot & utensils, Person to cook and many more.
- Also you can order cooking products such as vegetables, grocery, non-vegetables, beverages and desserts.
2. What are its Products and Services?
- You can get Picnic Place Information, You can get vehicle contact information, Products & service such as "Utensils, Tarpaulin, Sitting Mat, Drinking Water, Cooking Water, Wood, Gas, Plates, Dona, Glass, Spoon, Person to Clean spot before and after cooking, Person to clean utensils before and after cooking, person to cook your food, person to provide security to you and your luggage" and many more.
3. How will it benefits to Picnicker?
- For a Picnic, require lots of accessories, products and services, in our website HappyTour.in, you can find them all and we are providing small things require for a picnic.
- If you arrange yourself, it may cost you less but as we know, it's a difficult task to arrange everything for a picnic.
- In every picnic, the main organizer has lots of responsibilities. It's a good thing, but still, sometimes, we can't arrange all things and faces lots of problems in the picnic spot.
- Also, as we know, it's a difficult task to transport all accessories and products from Vehicle to Spot and spot to vehicle.
- Many times, we faces lots of problem such as arranging water to drink and cook, cleaning the utensils before and after cooking, cleaning the picnic spot before and after event.
- But if you choose us, you don't have to be worried. We will provide everything from utensils to cleanness.
- Even you can book a Cook and also can buy cooking products.
4. If we can plan our self, why we need HappyTour.in?
- We will arrange utensils, accessories, cooking products and human resources for you.
- We will provide person to clean your utensils, places.
- Drinking Water and cooking water will be available.
- You will get Wood/Gas as per your choice and supplier availability.
- You will get a good and clean picnic spot, as our executive will book in advance.
- Also you can choose cook and co-cook.
- If you have ordered cook & co-cook, you will get them.
- One person will be with all the time, so you will get a security for you and your luggage.
- You can order cooking products such as vegetables, non-vegetables and groceries etc.
- All necessary fees and charges will be paid in advance, so that you can enter to spot without hesitation.
- Most importantly, you can enjoy your picnic.
5. Who is going to supply all ordered Products and Services?
- You will get your entire ordered product by our local supplier.
6. When will it be delivered to us?
- You will get all your utensils, accessories, water & woods, cooking products, necessary tickets before you reach the spot.
7. When can I Book Picnic Spot?
- You can book before 5 days of your planned picnic.
8. Can we cancel it?
- Yes, you can cancel it before one days. You can visit REFUND POLICY to know about your refund.
9. Quality of Water, Accessories, Grocery, Vegetables, Non-Vegetables & Others?
- You will get clean and quality water to drink and cook.
- Also you will be delivered best quality disposable Plate, Dona, Glass, Cup and Paper Plate
- Also you will get branded & Packed grocery items and fresh vegetables and non vegetables.
- Apart from this , we are also providing, home prepare paste such as Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste, Onion Paste, Tomato Paste, Green Chili Paste, Red Chili Paste, Mustard Paste, Kaju Paste, Badam/Nut Paste etc.
10. What will happen, in case, poor quality product delivered to us?
- You should raise the with supplier
- And if supplier didn't respond, you can contact our support and you problem will be resolved immediately.
- But our supplier will follow our guideline to procure consumable products and they will maintain our quality standard.
11. Why we choose HappyTour Cook and Co-cook ?
- You don't have to reserve a seat in your vehicle for your cook. So, you can add one more friend in this vehicle and same for co-cook.
12. What will happen, in case, cook cooked poor taste food or wasted our food?
- We will provide skilled Cook and Co-cook those have experience in this field.
- It may happen but it may happen to your own cook also. So, you should always check it and instruct cook to cook your food well.
- But, if anything went wrong, it is natural and you can't claim refund.
13. What is HT Cash & How can I withdraw my HT Cash?
- HT Cash is User Ledger.
- In case, any changes in order or you referrer a friend, your balance amount and commission will display in HT Cash
- You can withdraw HT Cash to your Bank account and also you can transfer you HT Cash to another HappyTour User Account.
14. Do I have to pay any other fees & charges to HappyTour, Supplier and Picnic Spot Administration?
- We will book all necessary tickets. But you may have to pay for some optional tickets.

- You have to pay parking fees if applicable.
- You have to pay, if you need any other fun events available on the spot.
15. What happen, if we damaged any Accessories?
- Every product and accessories has a Purchasing Price.
- In case, you damaged it, you have to pay damage cost or full purchasing cost depends on products damage.
- You have to pay full due amount before leaving the picnic spot.


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