Aluminum Kadhai (Degchi)     -Medium (Ideal to cook upto 5 - 8 kg Rice)

  Aluminum Kadhai     -Medium (Ideal to cook upto 5 - 8 kg Curry)

  Aluminum Kadhai     -Small

  Aluminum Cover Plate     -Medium

  Aluminum Cover Plate     -To Cover Main Curry Kadhai

  Aluminum Bowl     -Medium

  Home Use Steel Plate     -Home Use Rice Eating plate

  Bucket or Balti     -Medium

  Khusuni     -Medium

  Khusuni     -Small

  Chatu or Serving Spoon     -Home Use

  Chatu or Serving Spoon     -Home Use

  Daal Chatu     -Medium

  Daal Chatu     -Small

  Table Spoon     -Home Use

  Hemadasta     -Small

  Knife     -Medium

  Chopping Board     -24inch x 18inch

  Chaki Belana Badi     -Home Use

  Vegetable Peeler     -Home Use

  Sauce Pan and Tea Net     -Home Use

  Measuring Mug/Jug     -1 to 2 Ltr

  Tarpaulin     -20 ft x 15 ft

  Plastic or Metal Chair     -Home Use

  Sitting Mat     -10 Seated

  Polythene Dustbin     -Large

  Cooking Water     -20 Ltr Jar

  Cleaning & Washing Water     -20 Ltr Jar

  Disposable Plastic Glass     -15 Pcs

  Leaf Plate     -Large - 15 Pcs

  Leaf Dona     -25 Pcs

  Disposable Tea Cup     -15 Pcs

  Plastic Spoon     -15 Pcs 3 inches Spoon

  Paper Plate     -15 Pcs - Medium size

  Hand Wash Soap     -Small

  Detergent     -Small Packet

  Matches and Salt     -500 Mg Salt and 1 Pcs Matches

  Fire Wood     -5 Kg Bundle

  Transporting Accessories to Spot     -

  Transporting Accessories From Spot     -

  Site Cleaning Before Event     -

  Site Cleaning After Event     -

  Security Cum Assistant     -

  Utensil Cleaning Before Cooking     -

  Utensil Cleaning After Cooking     -

  Making Of Stone Pit     -


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